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Inventory Management System For SMES

Inventory system simply called as to maintain accurate report of inventory or stock in warehouse. The Inventory management Software is used to keeping sold data, available stock details, work order, bill of materials and transaction details in warehouse. It can also be used in manufacturing industries, Retail Business, Pharma sector, and large SMES. Tech Integra ERP software specifically designed for small and medium-sized industries at affordable cost. It is powerful integrated enterprise tool. It’s very helpful to enhance your business operations (Sales, inventory, accounts, and purchase).

Top 5 inventory management system Features For SMES

Respond to Market Conditions Quicker

ERP Software give ongoing information examination enables organizations to measure, design, modify and react to changing business sector necessities better. It gives detailed information to reduce forecasting errors and capitalize on latest opportunities if available.

Better Streamlined Process Transparency

An entire ERP solution streamlines business procedures and drives automation for manufacturing Industries. Because of the whole streamlining system shows in single system about day to day analysis and workflow in different functionalities. 

Strategic Decision Making

It provides the flexibility to extract the data we need for better decision-making purposes. We can customize reports, standard items that need to be looked at and readily calculate re-order levels to maximize inventory levels.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

It assists to fulfill orders on time schedule to deliver products to customers.

Real-time Tracking of Inventory

Tracking inventory in runtime is very important. Not only can business owners track, update, modify and collect data but also generate reports.The alternative benefit is that the customer can access the data through cloud-based any devices at any location.

Benefits of using inventory software in SMES

·        Complete supply chain visibility
Quality Management
Elimination of redundant data
Easy to use, simple and comfortable interface.
Advanced customization
Cost-effective and quick implementation
Help you forecast demand
Allow for easy inventory analysis on any device and anywhere.
Reduced inventory errors
Inventory Management System For SMES
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